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 Fold Ups

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  • The greatest advantage of a fold up is the convenience of range of blade sizes in one package. It’s also easily and conveniently carried in a pocket
  • The GorillaGrip® fold up handle is 40% stronger than steel, and will not rust or corrode
  • Patented handle design makes every job faster and easier
  • Handle is comfortable to hold, and does not conduct heat or cold
  • With the blade in the 180 degree position, a fold up can be used like a screwdriver
  • Blades open up to 270 degree from handle. Molded in stops then hold blades securely in place
  • With a blade in the 270 degree position, a fold up can be used for spinning a fastener in or out
  • Tool user can adjust tool tension
  • GorillaGrip® fold ups do not have ball end tips smaller than 5/32 and 4mm, since the handle could easily over-torque the blades and risk breakage

High Torque Steel:
Up to 20% stronger, with more torque and twice the wear resistance of standard grades of steel.


Corrosion-resistant finish:
Environmentally safe, provides better tool grip, resists solvents, and is 5 times more corrosion resistant than competitor finishes.


Next generation chrome finish:
Traditional placed tool look with superior protection and durability.


Real 14 karat gold finish:
Superior protection and durability over traditional chrome and the look and shine of real gold

Designed with the Tool User in mind

A Bondhus Fold Up is a tool for life. When designing the GorillaGrip® Fold Up, Bondhus engineers eliminated the problems of the average folding tool. GorillaGrip® Fold Up tools are stronger, more comfortable and easier to use.

Patented Flutes allow for easy selection of one tool at a time.

Blades are accessed from both the top and bottom, eliminating the constant ‘unstacking’ of blades.

Turn & Flip Feature eliminates constant removal and repositioning in screw head when working against obstructions.

90° stop converts the tool into a non-stop, time saving, speed wrench.

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