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 Socket Bits

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  • Bits can be purchased with or without sockets
  • ProHold® technology holds bits securely but remains easy to remove without the use of special tools
  • Bits can be used with any standard six point socket
  • The most economical solution available

High Torque Steel:
Up to 20% stronger, with more torque and twice the wear resistance of standard grades of steel.


Corrosion-resistant finish:
Environmentally safe, provides better tool grip, resists solvents, and is 5 times more corrosion resistant than competitor finishes.

ProHold® Socket Bit Technology

Bondhus ProHold® technology is a revolution in holding systems that makes all other holding systems obsolete. Bits seat firmly into socket. No special tools are required to remove bits from sockets.

Bit sizes are clearly printed in white ink.

ProHold® buttons hold bit securely while allowing easy removal without the use of set screws or roll pins.

Bits are suitable for use with standard or impact sockets.


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