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 TORX® Tools

L-Wrenches: TORX® | ProHold® TORX® | BallStar™ Tip | Tamper Resistant TORX®
Wing and Flag tools: TORX® Wing Tools | TORX® Flag Tools
GorillaGrip® Fold Ups: TORX® | Tamper Resistant TORX®
T-Handles: TORX® | ProHold® TORX®
Screwdrivers: TORX® | ProHold® TORX® | BallStar™ Tip | Tamper Resistant TORX®
Socket Bits: TORX®


  • Fits all TORX® and Starscrews
  • A full range of tip sizes from T5 to T100
  • The only TORX® tools made with Protanium® steel

High Torque Steel:
Up to 20% stronger, with more torque and twice the wear resistance of standard grades of steel.


Corrosion-resistant finish:
Environmentally safe, provides better tool grip, resists solvents, and is 5 times more corrosion resistant than competitor finishes.

Bondhus TORX® Tools

Bondhus TORX® tools are made to the same high standards as every tool we make. Our TORX® tools are precision machined, available in several handle and tip types, and are the only TORX® tools made from Protanium® High Torque Steel. Bondhus TORX® and TORX PLUS® tools fit both TORX® and Star screws.

TORX® is a registered trademark of Acument Intellectual Properties, LLC

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