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  • Cushioned, curved handle increases comfort and reduces fatigue
  • Handle is welded directly to blade for a tool that will last a lifetime
  • Handles are designed to match torque capacity of blade
  • The slight downward angle of the handles is ergonomically superior to a straight T-Handle for comfort and functionality
  • Cushioned feel reduces fatigue
  • The mass of a Bondhus® T-Handle enables a flywheel affect, allowing screws to be quickly spun in or out
  • Bondhus® T-Handles do not have ball end tips on blades that are smaller than 5/32 inches or 4MM, since a T-Handle could easily over-torque and break these smaller size ball ends
  • Custom lengths are available on special order

High Torque Steel:
Up to 20% stronger, with more torque and twice the wear resistance of standard grades of steel.


Corrosion-resistant finish:
Environmentally safe, provides better tool grip, resists solvents, and is 5 times more corrosion resistant than competitor finishes.

A Better T-Handle

Bondhus T-Handles are built to be comfortable, strong and durable. The welded handle and blade joint guarantees a permanent connection. The form-fitting handle fits the curve of the user’s hand.

The Bondhus solid steel handle is heavy duty and generates a flywheel effect for super fast insertion and removal of screws.

The Bondhus T-Handle is curved to match the shape of the hand. This design is ergonomically superior to old fashioned straight handles.

Handle and blade are securely welded and will never loosen or slip.

Bondhus is the only company to engineer our handles to match the blade’s torque capacity. Tool users can always feel confident in their tool’s strength.

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